#About us

All About US

The Albanian Cyber Association is tech-driven NGO with a focus to support media and civil
societies on digital transformation to better keep governments accountable and transparent. The
ACA is established in 2020, it’s fast-growing NGO, with a network and members with diverse
knowledge of information technology. The digital tools and goods we delivered have been
improving the performance and security of media and civil societies.

The Albanian Cyber Association with the support of U.S Embassy in Kosovo and U.S.
Department of State, successfully implemented 5 projects, listed below:
1. Combating disinformation and misinformation via Machine Learning for Western Balkans –
donor: U.S Department of State
2. Independent Media Programming: Cyber Security and Resilience – PAS-PRISTINA-FY22-04
3. Independent Media Programming: Cyber Security and Resilience – PAS-PRISTINA-FY21-04
4. Promoting Fact-Checking journalism to combat fake news and misinformation in Kosovo”
supported by the US Embassy Kosovo – The beneficiary BIRN, partner ACA-FINDBUG
5. Populating a fake news dataset, further analyzing, training the machine learning natural
processing language model – Tech Camp Kosovo – TC FLOSSK/04
6. Launching a database for easier access to fact-based information related to the judicial
system cases and regulations – Democracy for Development – Millennium Foundation

Hackers Selection

Selecting the additional hackers that will benefit from the the day when hacking is legal.

Media Selection

Selecting the most censored media outlets that will benefit from a Selection Committee.

Security audit

Internal Penetration Testing and Security Audits for selected media outlets.


Hosting the 6th hackathon ‘THE DAY WHEN HACKING’. Making the bounty price pool of $20’000 public.


Marking Cyber Security month with regional conference ‘HACK to L|EARN and PROTECT’

Bug Bounty

FINDBUG’s innovative approach of involving 520 hackers participate in identifying and reporting security vulnerabilities to media outlets.

Our mission

ACA mission is to raise cyber security & innovation awareness of Kosovo citizens, medias, private businesses up to Governments. Acting as non-profit consultancy center for cyber security and privacy issues and supporting stakeholders protect digital asset

Our vision

Kosovo has a proven potential on hacking skills, ACA is playing an awareness role to put 'ethical' in front of hackers, which can make our country outsource those services to the global market, employ this talent to organisations, media and governments and protect their digital properties from latest cyber threats.

Our value

Our team counts decades experience on cyber security, working for LAE and big corporations. Having a network of security engineers, decision makers, media, ethical hackers from over 30+ countries. We will share this knowledge and network to protect western balkan countries from risks of the digital era.

"No technology that’s connected to the Internet is unhackable"