Cyber Security Public awareness to local medias.

ACA mission is to raise cyber security and innovation awareness of Kosovo citizens, Medias, private businesses up to Governments.

‘Hack to L|EARN and Protect.

Internal Penetration Testing and Security Audits for selected media outlets.

#Our Mission

What is our purpose!

The Albanian Cyber Association is tech-driven NGO with focus to support media and civil societies on digital transformation to better keep governments accountable and transparent. The ACA is established in 2020, it’s fast growing NGO, with a network and members with diverse knowledge on information technology. The digital tools and goods we delivered have been improving the performance and security of media and civil societies.


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$ 20,000

About Us

Project Activities

Albanian Cyber Association is the implementer of the project Independent Media Programming: Cyber Security and Resilience, funded by the US Embassy in Kosovo that aims to support 10 media in building security capacity and protecting their infrastructure from contemporary cyber threats.

Hacker Selection

Selecting the additional hackers that will benefit from the the day when hacking is legal.

Media Selection

Selecting the most censored media outlets that will benefit from a Selection Committee.

Security audit

Internal Penetration Testing and Security Audits for selected media outlets.


Marking Cyber Security month with regional conference ‘HACK to L|EARN and PROTECT’


Hosting the 6th hackathon ‘THE DAY WHEN HACKING’. Making the bounty price pool of $20’000 public.

Bug Bounty

FINDBUG’s innovative approach of involving 520 hackers participate in identifying and reporting security vulnerabilities to media outlets.


Our most valued partner


Popular News , Events and Workshops.

On annual bases, this year for the seventh time, we do connect the community and stakeholders, diaspora and businesses to do the mass security awareness to a broader audience, including but not limited to media, civil societies, government institutions, customs, security forces, law enforcement agencies, financial and insurance industry, education and hospitals institutions.


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