Regional conference

Cyber ZERO

On annual bases, this year for the seventh time, we do connect the community and stakeholders, diaspora and businesses to do the mass security awareness to a broader audience, including but not limited to media, civil societies, government institutions, customs, security forces, law enforcement agencies, financial and insurance industry, education and hospitals institutions. Around 850+ registered participants have been in two days’ conference that was held in Jan 26-27 in Klan Arena this year. The regional Cyber ZERO conference we hosted was opened with welcome remarks by heads of government and U.S. Ambassador in Kosovo. To be mentioning prime-minister Mr. Kurti, The U.S Ambassador in Kosovo Mr. Hovenier and Major of Prishtina Mr. Rama.

Bug Bounty and Crowd-sourced penetration testing


We do connect the ethical hacker’s community in Kosovo, each year physically through THE DAY WHEN HACKING IS LEGAL hackathon supporting CSO and media remediate the vulnerabilities on their computer, system, network and websites. For two years there have been $40’000 bounty price pool ($20k each year), in exchange the community of ethical/whitehat hackers reported 106 vulns in THE DAY WHEN HACKING IS LEGAL VI, and 80 vulnerabilities in THE DAY WHEN HACKING IS LEGAL VII. The reports were delivered separately via PDF to all beneficiaries after the workshop.

Cyber women contributors

Cyber Security Women Game Changer Awards

For the first time in Kosovo, we acknowledge the cyber women contributors, who are researching or working in critical infrastructure security in Kosovo. We had a dedicated panel on Cyber Zero conference with 7 cyber security influencers worldwide to encourage and motivate young girls in Kosovo, studying cyber for the future. With our partner Women4Cyber Kosovo and Albania, private invited, the women tech influencers and additional social media boost we reached to get the 10 applicants which in meantime shows the low engagement and interest of women in this industry. This is one of the elements, we are addressing by this project.

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Awareness and Training

Security Awareness & Cyber Hygiene training

To media and civil society organization employees, including executives, assistants, journalists and supporting staff got trained with practical examples and demos how hackers thing and acts, so they may be prepared and well informed in case of being target. ACA hosted on-side awareness training for 138 journalists on the first year from 10 media outlets, and 76 trainees with ongoing project to civil societies and media.

"One single vulnerability is all an attacker needs, In the end they wanted security more than freedom"

Training and awareness

WordPress Design and Security

– The vulnerabilities that have been reported during on-side audits and bug-bounties, should be fixed. And all the media and civil societies operate on WordPress, known as friendly platform. This year we started the project with intensive 45h WordPress training with IT people on media and civil societies, the participants learned to master the WordPress usage, add new features and resolve the reported security bugs.